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      Thank you for sending the DVD from this year's Event at Rebecca Farms.

      I just opened it to preview the video before my wife got home to see what she has been so excited about ever since competing in Kalispell, nice work from so many picturesque angles. Your staff made great commitments by videoing from many beautiful vantage points throughout the competition.

     I share this with you on a much appreciated product which seems to be of a very high standard.

     Thank you again for your wonderful technical and artistic work. You have a very rewarding skill and vocation.

     Best regards,


Hi Lynne,
You guys do a great job!  Expect more business from me in the future.


I just returned from Dallas where my 3 granddaughters brought out your video fun clips from 2003 my son tells me that they have been playing it so much over the years they wore the DVD out.

I could not believe it; they knew every clip by heart. The thing that brought tears to my eyes among all of the other clips of Kayla and Kayde, when they seemed so young, was their question.” Grandma tell us again about Bounty...he was so beautiful what happened?" Then they played the clip with him and Shadow and all of us in the arena playing and doing our drill team and the rest of our antics. It was so well done...if they did not wear the DVD out completely I am sure I did after they went to bed.

So when I got home I sent them the link on your web site of the tribute to Bounty and now that has also become a family treasure.

Lynne you are so talented and have made so many memories for so many people over the years, at Far West Farms and beyond, I only hope that those that you have sent these wonderful videos have kept them and appreciate them as much as I and my family



Hi Lynne,
I was just looking on your site for a horse prospect for my 3 1/2 year old daughter.  I saw Feature to Sea aka Dunne but there is no contact unless I missed something.  You haven't heard from me in while because I've had good success selling my barrel horses, thanks to your terrific site and help in the past.  Maybe you could help me out again now that I'm on the other end of things.  Could you tell me about this horse or do you know of anything that would be absolutely safe for my daughter. She loves going with me and loves, loves, horses.  Get back to me if you know anything.

Hi Lynne
I just received the DVD that you put together for me with Jenna singing the National Anthem at the Meet Me In Montana race. Just want to thank you for doing such an awesome job. You really put alot of work into the DVD and please know that it is greatly appreciated and wonderful. You did so much more than I captured the event for us and it will always be a treasure.

I LOVE the clip! You did a great job on all of them....Thank you very much!!!

Just saw Cates clip, so glad you got the last run. Thanks again, we so appreciate you and this work you are doing.
My husband watched the video last night, and really enjoyed it. You do a great job!! Katie has watched it over and over.
Thanks again,

Hi Lynne,
We love the clip!!! Thank you sooooo much!!! Look forward to seeing you at the next race!!!
Deb and Katie

They are great I LOVE Haydens thanks a bunch.
Cheryl Erpelding - publisher - California Riding Magazine
I encourage all riders to get their rounds recorded from Saddle Up Productions. My dvd was excellent and helped me improve my riding. It's an excellent teaching tool.
Celeste Huston - owner of Cielo Celeste Farm Breeder of Quality Color Horses
I met Saddle Up Productions through a mutual friend and I have been so impressed by the artistic interpretation of their wonderful work that I couldn't consider going back to Gail or any of the other people I have used through the many years in the horse world!  I run a fine breeding establishment in Santa Ynez California and am highly regarded in the horse world.  The camera work and editing and patience with which my wonderful videos and dvds were created assure me of my choice in being a loyal and true customer as long as I am marketing my stallions and herd.  We are going to be breeding our gypsy horses and competing as well and I am very anxious to have Saddle Up Productions create a fantasy dvd and video of these magnificent and rare horses. 
Celeste Huston

Debbie Lundberg-an avid horse owner and Mother of twin girls

Saddle Up Productions is an invaluable resource for recording and documenting special events and occasions in an artful, creative way.  Whether you're marketing your horse for sale or recording a memorable milestone, Saddle Up Productions will turn it into a meaningful keepsake, one that will encapsulate the heart and emotion of the event and make it a cherished memento.  Our family has watched over and over the DVD's that Lynne created for us and each and every time we still emote over the style and beauty she captured on film and choreographed to music.  Our children have a priceless montage of special events in their lives and we will continue to use Lynne's talent to add to our growing collection!  Thank you, Lynne, for imparting your talent and using it for the creation of irreplaceable treasures!

Kristi Mendola-an avid horse owner and Horse Show Mom
Saddle Up Productions created a wonderful keepsake video of my daughter and her first horse, Buster. Lynne combined her professional video and photographs with some of our own photos to represent all of the years that my daughter and Buster have been together. The music was a perfect addition to the video, and all-in-all it is a beautiful piece of art! We watch it over and over -- laugh at Buster's antics and remember the days when they were both much younger. Thank you, Lynne!
Kristi Mendola

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